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We travel places  to stuff faces!

Brenda has been invited by The Taste of Dallas, MayFest in Fort Worth, City of Lights in Louisiana and GapeFest and Main Street days in Grapevine, Denton Jazz Festival, Lewisville’s Western Days, and many many more. She loves serving festivals, as well as, churches & school fund raisers. She is now Executive Chef at her own restaurant in Lewisville called Good Times Cajun Cuisine.

Her customers say her food is Amazing!

Brenda has a chicken named Gumbo and had a pig named Lillie. She also rides a yellow Harley Davidson Sportster.

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A Story about

    … One Little Piggy

Once upon a time … a little girl named Brenda was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. She grew up there in a small home on the edge of a bayou. She learned to cook Cajun recipes from her grandmother. Her favorites were Red Beans & Rice, Jambalaya and Gumbo. She also made Boudin Balls, and Dirty Rice. Brenda loved to cook.

She grew up to be just as beautiful as a water lily and as spicy as her Cajun cook’in. After Brenda graduated Bolton High School she put herself through nursing school by working at the Bentley Hotel in Alexandria. As a waitress at the Bentley, she learned about customer service from one of Louisiana’s finest establishments. She graduated nursing school and spent many years caring for those who needed her the most. But, after 20 years of nursing, her love for cooking compelled her to start a food business.

Brenda started a catering business in 2001 and named it Ms. Piggy’s. Ms. Piggy’s Catering served everything from Turkey Legs to Deep Fried Oreos! She catered to weddings, church functions, & birthday parties. People loved her food and the word spread. She went on to serve large corporate events and municipal festivals like GrapeFest, MayFest, A Taste of Dallas, Denton Jazz Festival and Western Days. Her business grew and grew. As she would “Travel Places to Stuff Faces” with her catering business, she dreamed of opening a restaurant.

All across Texas, her traveling “Cajun Station” became famous for her Louisiana Gumbo, Red Beans & Rice, Jambalaya and other Cajun delights.

Oh so many times she heard people say “Wow, this tastes incredible!! … Where is your restaurant?” … “You must open a restaurant!”

So she did!   It’s called Good Times Cajun Cuisine.